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A participant-led conference from OpenNews for journalists who want to transform their work, their organizations, and their communities.

About SRCCON 2021

At SRCCON 2021, participants came together and built an unforgettable space to work on our hopes for journalism — what we’ll be shedding and leaving behind, what we’ll create anew, and how we can support one another through it all.

Here’s what we did

And here’s what you said

About the program

Wednesday-Friday, August 11-13, 2021

What you can expect

The SRCCON program is focused on the practical challenges that news technology and data teams encounter every day. At SRCCON, you’ll:

SRCCON will be a place to re-energize, personally and professionally, where the care participants take with one another animates every piece of our shared program. The conversations that happen here come from the community and reflect its values:

Our work exists to create a future where journalists can work in newsrooms that are equitable, inclusive, and collaborative. We hold space for you to bring your entire self to SRCCON, just as we hope that one day everyone will be able to bring their whole selves to work—instead of feeling the need to self-oppress because of identity or background. We also hope to provide the community, environment, and support you need to focus on your work (or what you’re passionate about), and at least for a while, do it without carrying extra weight.

Who attends SRCCON events

Our participants represent organizations ranging from massive to tiny, and come from all over the U.S. and many other countries. Accessibility is a core value, and we always offer live session transcripts and tons of documentation throughout the conference. Just like last year, much of the SRCCON program will be available across multiple time zones and through asynchronous participation—if you need to take care of the popsicle your kid just dropped on the floor or step away for an urgent call, we want to make it possible to participate around the complexity of this moment.

SRCCON participants are developers, designers, journalists, editors, and allies: the practitioners and leaders who are transforming their newsrooms into more representative and innovative places to work. Participants come to SRCCON to change journalism by creating more intentional processes, better relationships with the communities they cover, and new ways to engage and inform people.

How much does it cost?

Ticket prices start at $125, plus ticketing fees. We’ll also offer a limited number of need-based, free scholarship tickets as well as $250 stipends for attendees whose time to attend would otherwise be uncompensated.

SRCCON events don’t have open sale dates or lotteries. If you want to come to SRCCON 2021, our call for participation is how to let us know.

What’s next

Stay in touch by following @SRCCON and find out about upcoming deadlines by joining our community email list. If you have a specific question, please reach out.

About us

SRCCON events are produced by OpenNews. We help people strengthen relationships across organizations and build a more equitable future for journalism. Through interactive events and programs, we help peers share knowledge and care for a community grappling with complex problems. Incubated at the Mozilla Foundation from 2011-2016, OpenNews is now a project of Community Partners.