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SRCCON 2021 Documentation

We love to see ideas and conversations from SRCCON make their way into the wider world. This page collects resources shared by our facilitators that you can refer to as you bring SRCCON home with you. (Looking for great ways to share new things with colleagues? See the After Party toolkit!)

Session Notes & Resources

We asked this year’s session leaders to send us slide decks, worksheets, and other documentation to share publicly—if you’re a facilitator and you have session resources to share, let us know!

Building an Inspiration Practice

Cultivating resilience: How are we preparing ourselves for the next decade in journalism?

Covering a protest puts your phone at risk. How do we help reporters protect their devices?

The Data of Divides: Analysis & stats for covering inequality

Making remote work successful in a (hopefully soon) post-COVID world

Modernize your newsroom from the middle

Network mapping: Learn a 30-minute strategy to find the right audience for your next project (and have fun doing it!)

OMFG the pipeline doesn’t have a problem—we do!

Our Election Results Are Bad: Why we need to radically rethink how we report on political contests after 2020

Reevaluating engagement’s role in the newsroom: What would audience work look like if it were dominated by JOCs?

Reporting on Trauma: Adding Participatory Journalism Tools To Your Toolbox

Selling Cross-Newsroom Collaborations: Pitching Your Uphill Decision-Makers

Sincerely, Leaders of Color LIVE

Untangling the statehouse: Using data to make sense of state legislatures