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Stipends and scholarships for SRCCON 2021

We want to help you attend SRCCON 2021: We’re offering a free ticket for folks who need it and a stipend to support the participation of anyone who would not otherwise be compensated for their time during the conference.

The scholarship ticket will be one of the options on the ticket purchase page, so you can just pick up that free ticket directly. The stipend is for attendees whose time to participate or facilitate is otherwise not compensated or who need to pay for support so that they can participate, such as because of caregiving responsibilities. Questions for the stipend are part of our call for participation form.

About the scholarship and stipend process

What we’re offering

Who should apply

The tickets are for:

The stipends are for:

How to apply

Questions to apply for the stipend are included in the call for participation form. The priority deadline for stipends was July 16, but we will continue to accept applications for stipends for as long as we can. The scholarship ticket will be available through the registration process, no separate application necessary.

When notifications go out

The stipend notifications will go out on July 22 to everyone who applied by July 16.

What happens after the event

You tell us how it went! We’ll send you a short followup survey and will be excited to check out anything you write or build coming out of your participation.

Why do you offer these?

We want to make sure that SRCCON events include the diversity of the communities we serve—geographically, demographically, experientially, and more. In the past, we’ve offered this scholarship because we know that travel costs can be a hardship, and offered this scholarship as a way to help mitigate that. We’ve adapted the scholarship this year in response to the acute financial situation facing many journalists during the pandemic.

How do you decide who will receive a stipends?

OpenNews staff reviews all applications. We prioritize applications from members of communities underrepresented in journalism and technology, such as journalists of color, and journalists from smaller and non-coastal newsrooms.

When will I receive my stipend?

When we notify stipend recipients, we’ll include information about how to receive the stipend funds. In short, you will need to fill out a form and send some tax paperwork for our administrators to process the payment. It may take a month or so for check processing.

Questions not covered here?

Please email us any time.